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10 November 19:30
Stadtcasino Basel Hans Huber-Saal
On November 10 the program "Hans Zimmer" will feature the best works of the famous German composer for residents and guests of the Stadtcasino Basel Hans Huber-Saal.

Hans Zimmer, German composer and music producer, Oscar winner, three–time Golden Globe Award winner, four-time Grammy Award winner, is considered one of the most famous, influential and successful film composers of our time.

A person who greatly influenced the recent history of Hollywood cinema and pop culture in general, wrote music for more than 100 films, including Hollywood blockbusters such as “Interstellar”, “Inception”, “Pirates of the “Caribbean”, “Gladiator”, “The Lion King”, “The Da Vinci Code”, "Angels and Demons", "Sherlock Holmes", and others.

Suffering the loss of his father, Hans found refuge in music. It is simply impossible to believe that the main film composer of Hollywood does not have a musical education. As he acknowledged himself: "I thought that a music teacher would teach me how to transfer sounds from my imagination into reality. And I didn't suspect at all that classes meant hours of lessons and reading music. My training ended in two weeks."

In Hollywood, Hans Zimmer is called "the German machine": during his long musical career he never paused his work and did not lower the quality bar. Master of dizzying, suspenseful symphonic parts and electronics, Zimmer became especially popular thanks to his collaboration with one of the best directors of our time — Christopher Nolan. Hans has worked on almost all of his films.

On November 10 in the program "Hans Zimmer", musicians from the Simple Music Ensemble World studio will feature the works of an outstanding German composer in the format of a unique acoustic experience. All arrangements are written by studio's musicians and will definitely not leave spectators indifferent. For residents and guests of the Bern city we have prepared the best compositions from the favorite films such as "Gladiator", "Inception", "Interstellar", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Batman Begins" which will be performed at the Stadtcasino Basel Hans Huber-Saal.

Concert program*:
Chevaliers de Sangreal
Lost but Won
Message from Home
Afraid of Time
Leave No Man Behind
Cornfield Chase
Pirates Suite
Sherlock Holmes
The Kraken

*the concert program and the cast of artists are subject to change

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