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27 October 20:00
Ehrbar Saal Vienna
On October 27th in the program Simple Music Ensemble: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, compositions from a favorite movie about a young wizard will be featured for residents and guests of Vienna.

The world literary bestseller of the late 1990s, embodied in the cinema, still captivating the hearts of people around the world. Probably, there isn't a single person who has never seen a Harry Potter movie.

John Williams is an American composer, conductor and pianist who wrote the soundtracks for the first three Harry Potter films. The works were awarded and became the hallmark of the world of Magicians and Muggles. It was the word "magic" that the composer kept in his mind while writing music. Eight-year-old children were invited to evaluate the result: they were shown the movie, and had to listen to music separately from it. Then they were asked to correlate the character with the soundtrack — everyone guessed correctly.

On October 27th in the program Simple Music Ensemble: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the main soundtracks from the favorite movie will be featured at the Ehrbar Saal for residents and guests of Vienna. Among them: “Hedwig's theme”, “Letters from Hogwarts”, “The Sorcerer's stone”, “Nimbus 2000”, “Harry's wonderful world” and many others*.

The audience will plunge into the atmosphere of wonders and incredible adventures, embark on an exciting journey to favorite heroes. Music from the cult fantasy in the author's arrangements of SME, will bring listeners delightful emotions, magical mood and unforgettable impressions!

*The concert program and the cast of artists are subject to change.

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