simple music ensemble world

27 October 20:00
Berlin Kammermusiksaal Philharmonie
Joe Hisaishi said once in an interview, "in real life you cannot hear music when you talk about love or when you feel sad, but in film you do". Music is one of the most artificial things in a film, so it must be so in tune with a story that the audience would perceive it naturally like birds' singing and a whisper of trees foliage… Now imagine what sort of task a composer has while giving a concert where the audience comes exactly to enjoy the music. That’s why Simple Music Ensemble plays true music masterpieces, one of which is Joe Hisaishi’s scores for Hayao Miyazaki animation films.

We have collected our favorite compositions of such films as "Castle in the sky", "Spirited Away", "Kiki's Delivery Service", and some others, and did our own arrangements to create the whole picture of Miyazaki’s fairy tale world. This musical picture named "Miyazaki Dreams" has already won the audience hearts in Switzerland and Austria. This time our team is going to introduce it to the German audience. The concert will be taking place in Kammermusiksaal Philharmonie, one of most popular classic live music venue in Berlin, on October 27th. All fans of Studio Ghibli movies are warmly welcomed to attend us and enjoy the performance.

Miyazaki Dreams

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