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Ludovico Einaudi. Seven Days Walking

31 May 20:00
Ehrbar Saal Mühlgasse 28, 1040 Vienna, Austria
On May 31, Simple Music Ensemble World will perform compositions from Ludovico Einaudi's album Seven Days Walking.

Renowned Italian neoclassical composer Ludovico Einaudi will present the final installment of his seven-volume musical project Seven Days Walking in fall 2019. His fantastically beautiful sketches of nature, moods and weather are created on his walks in the snowy Alps.

This ambitious work has won over Einaudi's large audience. Day 6, released in August 2019, climbed to #2 on the UK Classical FM chart, just behind Islands, another Ludovico release that reached #1.

The idea for the project was born in Switzerland, where he spent the time between projects listening to a lot of music and sketching the landscapes he observed every day during long hikes on mountain trails. He began recording music to capture his impressions of each day:

"I remember that I often took long walks in the mountains, always staying on about the same path. There was a lot of snow. My thoughts swirled around in the blizzard - everything lost its contours and colors in it. Maybe exactly this feeling is the essence of the album". And this is how the musical labyrinth of the seven-volume Seven Days Walking was laid out.

One usually speaks of the mountains in tense tones of overcoming and helping each other. The Italian maestro, however, has created an extroverted, subtle, watercolor self-portrait of the creative process, a demonstration of the reflections and shades of soulful moods reflected in majestic and mystical landscapes.

The Simple Music Ensemble's live concerts are an always large-scale, conceptual show that impresses with the emotional energy of the musicians and their ability to speak to any audience with the voices of great composers.

The Simple Music Ensemble is a unique chamber music ensemble in which each musician is an individual with a sound all their own.
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