21 March 19:00
Apocalyptica caused a revolution in metal music by demonstrating that metal can be organically performed even on an instrument as far from the guitar sound as the cello.
The Finnish quartet first became famous after performing their incredible covers of Metallica songs, and later began to perform their own compositions, which were just as energetic and dynamic as their earlier covers.

At the concert listeners will hear all the main hits of Apocalyptica, including cello versions of such key Metallica melodies as: Nothing Else Matters, Inquisition Symphony, Hope, Path, Sandman and many others. If you like the combination of incompatible things in music, then this program will definitely give you real pleasure.

Apocalyptica. Tribute

The band "Apocalyptica" itself will not be present at the concert. Simple Music Ensemble World will perform Apocalyptica's music, but will not play with them personally.

The concert will feature music of the iconic Finnish band “Apocalyptica” performed on cellos.