9 February 19:30
Theater im Delphi Berlin

canto ostinato

On February 9th, an iconic work "Canto Ostinato", written in 1967 by Dutch minimalist composer Simeon ten Holt, will be performed at the Theater im Delphi.

The unusual structure of the composition is based on the principle of "ostinato", which means the repetition of one or more main musical themes throughout the entire musical work without any changes or development.

The piece consists of 106 short musical blocks, that are repeated and alternate at the request of the musicians. The score serves more as a hint or an approximate instruction manual, so each performance of "Canto Ostinato" is unique. It does not exist as a completed piece of music: the composition of the instruments and the number of performers may vary, resulting in a song, that can last from an hour and a half to a whole day.

On February 9th, specially for the guests of Theater im Delphi, we are preparing an hour and a half version of Canto Ostinato composition for two marimbas and two vibraphones. The unusual combination of instruments will create a unique sound palette, riddled with bright melodies, polyphony and energy.

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