21 June 19:30
Porsche Saal, Odeïon Kulturforum Salzburg


The concert will feature music by famous composers from both past and present.

The Simple Music Ensemble World community has prepared an exceptional program that will appeal to fans of various musical styles, ranging from the Baroque period to postmodernism.

Outstanding melodies by great composers of different eras, from Johann Sebastian Bach and Vivaldi, to Hans Zimmer and Ludovico Einaudi, have been thoughtfully arranged to harmoniously and gradually evoke emotions, creating new waves of impressions among the audience.

The guests of the concert will have the opportunity to experience the evolution of music over time and observe how some composers created their masterpieces already “standing on the shoulders" of their predecessors, being raised up on their creativity. It will be a captivating journey through different musical eras and countries.

Every Simple Music Ensemble World concert is a memorable event, filled with vibrant impressions and genuine emotions. The band performs in various group casts, ranging from trios to septets. Regardless of the number of members, the musicians create an amazing atmosphere in a concert hall, which attracts the audience and encourages them to attend these performances.

Simple Music Ensemble World is a Chamber Music Community that raises concerts on the world's best stages and unites professional musicians from different countries who sincerely love their work. The team is multifaceted and is continuously developing, introducing new ideas, expanding the boundaries of their creative activity.