8 February 19:30
Theater im Delphi Berlin
On February 8th in the symphonic show "Korol i Shut" residents and guests of Berlin will immerse in the world of the legendary rock band.

"Korol i Shut" is a cult punk rock band that first appeared on the music scene in 1988 in Leningrad (the current Saint Petersburg). Eccentric and bright musicians Mikhail Gorshenev (known as Gorshok) and Andrey Knyazev (known as Knyaz) glorified the world of fantasy, horror and the Middle Ages, combining elements of punk rock, folk and hard rock in their music.

For more than 20 years of existence, the band "Korol i Shut" gained the recognition of countless listeners with completely different musical tastes — even those who are far from punk rock know their songs. The band's songs glorified the names of witches, vampires, sorcerers, kings and clowns, creating their own unique musical world.

Despite the fact that the leader and one of the founders of the rock band, Mikhail Gorshenev, passed away in 2013, the music and creativity of the "Korol i Shut" continue to live and inspire new generations of musicians and listeners.

On February 8th in the symphonic show "Korol i Shut" immortal hits of the legendary band will be presented in original arrangements by artists of the "Simple Music Ensemble World" Chamber Music Community. Thanks to the special interpretation, the guests of the Theater im Delphi will hear the best compositions in a completely new way.

Simple Music Ensemble World is a Chamber Music Community that raises concerts on the world's best stages and unites professional musicians from different countries who sincerely love their work. The team is multifaceted and is continuously developing, introducing new ideas, expanding the boundaries of their creative activity.

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