24 March 18:00
Theater im Delphi
The main hits of the heavy metal band "Metallica" will be performed in an orchestral arrangement by the Simple Music Ensemble World Community.


After the S&M album’s release in 1999, when everyone heard how Metallica could sound performed by a symphony orchestra, they firmly established the fame of the most popular metal band on the planet. Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, One and other songs of the group seemed to have been specially written given that one day they will be arranged for an orchestra, since they are perceived so organically.

Musicians of the Simple Music Ensemble World perform this program with great pleasure. This is the music that causes goosebumps all over the body with increasing intensity throughout the concert. A real aesthetic pleasure for fans of heavy music and for connoisseurs of classical orchestral sound.

Simple Music Ensemble World is a Chamber Music Community that raises concerts on the world's best stages and unites professional musicians from different countries who sincerely love their work. The team is multifaceted and is continuously developing, introducing new ideas, expanding the boundaries of their creative activity.

The band "Metallica" itself will not be present at the concert. Simple Music Ensemble World will perform Metallica's music, but will not play with them personally.